Gemini Daily Horoscope
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today's mission for Geminis in general, their main function, is to give and help others. You'll get positive energy that can't stay in orbit around you all day; you need to set it free so that others can benefit from it.

Your happiness will depend on how skilled you are at being useful, and only if you know how to share your good mood and good vibrations with others, will you be able to turn that energy influx into an advantage for you.

The day will go by quite harmoniously, and you'll get perfect chances to give others this talent your ruling planet gave you. Use today as a chance to strengthen the bonds with your close ones as well and shower them with love.


Today, the secret is your ability to influence others. Your communication skills are beyond the usual, which can be good to convey meanings and bring people together, and professionally speaking, that can have many good endings.

Geminis' skills will be more boosted than ever today, but you need to channel them into something positive. Give them an end goal so that they're not standing still as a useless energy that can play against you.

On the other hand, today you should forget headaches and worries which will only try to break down your energy and take drive off of you. You need to challenge negative partners and get surrounded in good intentions.


Your mission today is to help others. Starting from the fact that your body's healthy and that you're not going through any illnesses or hurting from anything, you can use your strength to help those around you who do feel bad.

Your positive energy and boosted skills can be helpful and can mean a relief for people who are suffering. You need to use your psychology and communication skills to help others, listen to them, understand them and encourage them.

Try offering a helping hand to friends or family who are currently vulnerable.