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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 18

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Relationships are entering a toxic stage for you, Geminis, but instead of dodging the issue, it'll be much more efficient to face some much needed conversations. If you feel frustrated or betrayed by a friend, you should go ahead and tell them.

By sharing those kinds of issues, Geminis, today you'll get into a great spot and you'll be able to start rebuilding some nearly-broken friendships. If betrayal or disappointment is so hurtful you can't make peace, at least you'll feel better about having discussed things.

Hiding your head underground (and that works for romantic relationships too) only lengthens the duration of the issues stuck in your heart.


Today, reality at work will become clear yet hazy, and that makes everything confusing for better or worse; what seemed so obvious turns out to be more complex, and what seemed more troublesome suddenly offers simpler solutions.

That's why it's important to face your day with a bright point of view, Geminis, because if you read through every single situation carefully, you'll be able to sort everything out much more successfully. Open up your senses to what's around you and get advice from others without sheltering yourselves away into that harmful pride.

The proposal of large sums of money and breathtaking leaps into the future include some counterparties you should analyse closely before you jump into risky business.


You've been exhausted and sleepy for days on end, and the situation has become a real issue, because you're not resting as well and enough as you should, and you show up to your duties late and all worn out. Besides, the stars warn you've got cough problems, so everything could be somehow connected.

Dry cough at night is a usual cause for insomnia, but with some very simple tips you'll send it away and sleep through the whole night.

Don't turn up the heat too high during the night, it's best if you're in a moist environment. While you're at it, make sure your body's well-hydrated to keep your throat moist. Thyme steam will also help to get rid of the issue; but watch the dose, because it's stimulating.

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