Gemini Horoscope for November 18

Your Forecast for Sunday
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Entering the grounds of counterproductive guilt implies keeping yourselves away from useful honesty that allows you to admit to your mistakes to rebuild a broken relationship. They're two radically different concepts, but also the two sides of a coin, and you're depending on that.

You need to face certain actions by understanding your own personality: you're not perfect, you can make mistakes. If you can find where you're going wrong you'll be able to overcome it with willpower on your side. But if you keep punishing yourselves and hurt yourselves on purpose, you'll be making things more complicated.

Geminis, you're treading the path of self-destruction, but it's not too late: you can change its course and turn it into a productive rebuilding of friendships and important relationships, which will make you feel fulfilled, satisfied and victorious.


The course of events will take you to a dead end street this Sunday; material, tangible reality on one side, and moral contradictions on the other, place you on the dilemma of decisions and responsibilities. You'll feel the weight of your conscience piling up on you when making decisions.

But you can't always keep putting certain things off. You need to grow up and get things done: making decisions implies admitting to your responsibilities.

The important thing for you is to always think about the end goal, and when you're done, when you reach your goals, don't feel bad about certain choices you made along the way. Facing your material needs from a responsible point of view will avoid this from happening.


You're moving around slowly, your mind's in a constant haze, and your mood seems to have submitted itself to body pain. It's time to overcome physical and mental suffering and go back to your positive, productive energy, Geminis.

Wake up early, go shop for your breakfast, meet and greet your neighbours and acquaintances, activate your sense of humour and try hard to communicate with others. Pair up a healthy breakfast with exercise and stretches. Do some comforting activities.

You've got complicated days ahead of you as far as your muscle pain and joints, so it's quite necessary that you get to grips with this and take on a positive attitude that will allow you to overcome your circumstances.