Gemini Horoscope for 18 October

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On the racing pace of your stressful life, you need to find times to laugh and enjoy the bright side of life. That's why, Geminis, today you'll experience one of those hilarious days that will bring out your good mood and funniest side.

That will also boost your social and communicative skills, emotions that have been blocked as of lately which you need to bring back in order to progress towards a funnier, more relaxed life. Don't think twice and let yourselves be the center of attention to boost your self-esteem.

You're not on the right stage to take important steps in your relationship, so it's best for you to be a bit patient and cautious. There will be time to make serious changes, but right now you're on a maintenance and stabilisation process.


The stars aren't too much in your favour for your finances to make great progress. That's the sign of a minor break in the upward trend that your finances had started taking. That's why your top priority should be to keep a low profile today.

Avoid gambling, big investments, speculation and, all in all, financial adventures with uncertain outcomes. Your top priority is to make your finances more conservative.

Prioritise your family finances by paying off debts and boost money saving. It wouldn't be too bad an idea to discuss your current finances and future strategies with your partner. It'll be really true that great minds think alike.


Today, your main priority at work will be to set your full attention into everything you do, because you're about to become the victim of possible incidents that will get you in trouble. Watch out for trips, Geminis, because today you'll be prone to falling down.

Don't do too many heavy efforts, and if you need to pull weights around, remember to focus your attention on your calves and not your back. Any badly performed extra physical work could bring your spine into trouble and cause an injury.

If you're driving, set your five senses on alert and focus on the road. Double your efforts to get away from the phone and any other distractions.