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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 18th September

Your Forecast for Tuesday
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Confirming a feeling you wanted to keep away from your mind could lead to the end of a process of disappointment towards someone who's dear and important to you. But right now you can't let emotions defeat reason.

You're on a process of personal healing that could affect the way you socialise with others and how you face your issues. That's why that distortion could play against you today and make you blind and ignorant to an obvious reality.

You should forget about whoever betrays you. In these times of pain, it's very important that you only let in whoever brings you positivity.


Solidarity is still a trend that Geminis need to use to help their colleagues and carry out a useful role at work. Today, you should look at the duties that can be brought into action through cooperation.

Still, dear Geminis, the positive energy and the drive that keep you sparkly and electric aren't limitless. Only if you know how to channel it towards something good and focus it on kindness will you keep it without putting it to waste.

That's why, aside from helping others and taking responsibilities as the communicational nexus between them, you need to focus on whatever has potential. And in the opposite sense, you need to get rid of whatever's unnecessary and does nothing more than stealing your energy.


Although these days are being more intense than usual, and even though your body is feeling perfect, and for most of the day you feel your confidence and positive energy skyrocketing, you might jump down in the dumps at some point.

That sense of superiority that makes you a creator in the eyes of others is especially keeping you too exposed, it constantly sets you in front of others, and obviously at some point insecurity will come back and make you feel bad.

You're in the middle of the perfect process to work on anything related to your self-esteem, so it'd be quite positive if you tried to use this chance to boost it up. From then on, you'll start feeling so much better.