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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 19

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The moon's influence has a direct impact on your special personality, Geminis, and your dreams will become crucially important (especially more so emotionally speaking).

It's time to open up your heart, Geminis, and to make proposals and confessions to your partner using the trust you've built up for years of love as your foundation. Today could become a bubble of love and passion that makes every situation magical.

It's also time to go on an adventure or trip. If you're getting to know someone special, it's the perfect time to propose a trip, which should essentially be a hopeful challenge.

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Working with friends or your partner could be doom today, because it's one of those days when your private and professional life mingle together, and it's quite hard to keep a strictly-business perspective. It'll be quite smart from you if you choose to remain distant and put off relevant decisions to be made.

Building up is much harder than destroying, Geminis, but so much more productive, and much more satisfying at a medium and long term. It's important that you remember this in days like today, when you can feel like you're too destructive or sour when criticising others.

Instead, from the energy you get today, you could bring out a sense of drive which, positively directed, could help bring together efforts for building important projects.


Being mindful of others should be satisfying and bring into your day a positive mood that helps you feel better. If you're going through discomfort or an illness, you should get surrounded with people that have a strong energy attraction factor.

This will be a crucial stage in your recovery, and people around you are very important choice-wise. Emotions, honest company and understanding will be highly positive values which will strengthen your body through the enriching of your soul.

Your day will go by through various trips to and fro that will quickly drain your energy stock; especially for those of you who have a stressful job, you need meals and foods which are full of vitamins and minerals.

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