Gemini Daily Prediction for 19 November

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Your relationship to highly driven signs could make your inner world fall out of balance and cause actions to go to excess, leading into mistakes and regret. Think for the long run, Geminis, because even if living for the day is more attractive, it's also more dangerous.

Be rational in love, give it the intellectual flair you enjoy so much. Be the cold-thinking moderator in arguments and learn to steam off through the patience and gentle strokes of time's perspective.

Learn to live an emotional life from the point of view of control and pauses, and take it on board as a mature route.


Collectedness is the channel for improvement, as long and despairing as it may seem. You feel like you're taking one step forward and two steps back, while work to be done just keeps coming in and piling up.

And that's when Mr. Stress and Mrs. Frustration come onto the stage, settling in deep inside you because they know they have everything in their favour to control you. Thus, before you know it, you'll be the nervous wreck that faces challenges rushing in erratically.

In order to improve you need two things, humility and patience. Humility will help you remember that you're human and you're allowed to make mistakes, and that what's important is to be persistent. Patience will be your remedy against despair: a long-term bet with short-term solutions.


Arthrosis makes a triumphant entrance into this work-ridden week. How untimely! The minute you get out of bed you'll feel exhausted, with pain in your bones and discomfort in your muscles.

Before anything else, remember that your mind is a powerful sword that can take down physical pain. Letting yourselves kneel before discomfort and staying in bed will keep you imprisoned in a negative spiral.

With a good dose of optimism and effective home remedies you can take on the day's challenges without letting pain break your will to eat the world up.

Avocado is the perfect remedy for bone pain and arthrosis, aside from having more potassium than bananas and being an antioxidant agent. Remember that moving your joints around is essential to overcome issues like these.