Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Selecting your friends and the people with whom you want to hang out will be essential today, because you're starting a stage of instability and changes around your inner world, for which you need a protective, safe environment.

To that, we can add that, according to the stars' predictions, someone's trying to mess with you at work, or with your close relationships, and that's threatening to grind your gears. Avoid aggressive reactions and act smart by avoiding troublesome individuals.

On the other hand, you need to have more time to reflect. Don't look for the origin of your trouble outside, Geminis; find the solution inside.


You have to get motivated enough to improve your discipline at work. It's not enough to be great, Geminis; you need to prove that you're unique.

Now more than ever, you have to get down and do some work, try harder and show you want to get actively involved. Otherwise, your reputation will become increasingly doubted.

As far as your finances are concerned, devote some time to set them straight, because things might start getting complicated over the next few days.


Have you heard about Feng Shui, Geminis?

This Eastern philosophy connected to Taoist traditions teaches us to take up space harmoniously and to find balance and inner peace through keeping our living space tidy and appropriately decorated.

The stars are warning you: you're bursting into a chaotic stage in all areas of life, and that can be an easy way to lead you down the road of stress and depression. Unless you try to change some areas in your environment that could help you out.

It has been psychologically proven that our living spaces affect our stress levels. Getting acquainted with Feng Shui is quite easy: it's just a matter of tidying up and cleaning your space, finding well-lit places, matching elements such as wood and metal, keeping up spaces to relax, introducing elements of nature, etc.

Try it out, and you'll see how much better you feel every day. Avoid making a mess!