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Gemini Magic Horoscope for September 19

Daily Prediction for Wednesday
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Today you'll be happily surprised next to someone with whom you never thought you'd get along so well. Closeness is taking you to much more intimate experiences and you're letting go naturally. Suddenly, you feel things you didn't expect to feel.

Now's the time to rearrange and set your feelings straight, make everything clear. But careful, Geminis, because when your mind starts making plans there's no stopping you, and that's when your cold, rational personality comes up to hold your feelings back. And then, fear and paralysis.

Why don't you let go, Geminis? Why don't you just admit that that's what life is about, meeting special people in special times? If they aren't the one, you'll realise sooner or later, but until then you'll have lived a beautiful experience.


Today you need to pay more attention than usual, activate your feelings to the max, and work with better focus so that your reflexes work faster. You'll find some obstacles you need to handle swiftly and gracefully.

You will especially get new chances to improve and advance, but you need to be quicker and more active at work. Get down to your knees and double your efforts and focus. Change your perspective on how to focus your job.

And here's some good news: your bank account will start getting bigger and you'll get fresh new income.


Geminis will get a hard hit from the consequences of imbalance, excess and temptations. Every effort you make to avoid addictions and anything you know hurts you can come down, and the consequences won't take long to show up.

That's why today you might feel both physically and mentally ill during most of your day. Physical discomfort can come along with a torturing feeling of guilt. But that remorse can only end if you stay firm through it.

Giving up and abstaining are choices and attitudes that can be complicated sometimes, but you need to do them so that, in the long run, you'll feel better. Giving in to pleasures immediately leads to nothing but frustration and immaturity.