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Gemini Horoscope for 2 December

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It's not always simple to act following a sense of balance when your actions are tainted by the pressure around you. However, today you need to try and be a bit selfish, because according to the stars' prediction, while you try to do your best for others, someone's trying to betray you.

Geminis who just recently fell in love should be careful and have caution as their best weapon available; unleashing passion at such an early stage in the relationship could end up turning into disagreements, arguments and disappointment. And even sooner than you think...

Don't get obsessed: at this stage of the relationship you need to make some room to get to know each other and gradually build up the relationship. But trying a few things here and there and analysing compatibility will be essential to have a glimpse on the future of the relationship.


Financial difficulties will influence your mood by awakening concern and anxiety. However, the answer lies in calmness and a cold-minded analysis of the situation.

Find roads to grow in unexplored fields of expertise where you have little competence and plenty to prove. When you're stuck, you need to shake things up, move around, find new ideas and find levers to turn things around.

Passiveness will eventually become a drop in your mood to block practical solutions away from your reach. Your day will go by with several obstacles and barriers which could represent an inviting challenge to be dynamic at work once again.


Gemini ladies who are fertile could feel discomfort from their period, because the stars foresee that there's complications coming to female health because of the hormonal cycle. Period cramps and amenorrhoea will be the main issues.

Aminorrhoea comes around when periods take an irregular pace and they take longer than usual to come. You urgently need to be aware of your health issues and sort out your discomfort before it becomes real trouble.

The stars' recommendation for today is a visit to the gynecologist and being disciplined about your doctor's orders.

Geminis all around need to pay more attention to the body's signals and the symptoms warning about certain irregularities.

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