Gemini Daily Horoscope |



It's a very rough day with friends. They need you to be more in control of your reactions, more understanding and calm when you socialise with them. You should just stick to shallow conversation topics.

In your family, your priority is to develop your emotional reactions a bit more. Don't let your daily worries and stress finish off your emotional, sentimental side.

Regarding your partner, it's a day for renovation. You can take this chance to try new things out and bring a gust of fresh air into your relationship.


The start of a project will have a minor delay because of financial issues, but that takes much patience and a special sense of mental fortitude. Nervousness, despair and pessimism threaten to invade you until all your resolutions are gone. Don't let that happen!

If you manage to give up your nervousness and see everything in perspective through a sort of long-distance lens, you'll see everything's in your favour and you'll succeed. Your business' success will be certain, as long as you're persistent and confident about yourselves. Let others help you when you're in need of a second opinion.

Geminis, your finances today will receive a strong hit because of a sudden traffic fine, an overdue payment or a tax claim. You should get rid of these small debts as soon as you can. In other areas, your finances will stay strong and steady.


The monitoring of your health needs to be much more extensive and regular, because you're piling up all sorts of minor ailments which, if left unchecked, could derive into more serious illnesses. But you don't need to panic either now.

Geminis, you often fly from one extreme to the other; you don't take care of your health and, when you start experiencing symptoms, you panic and start creating illnesses from scratch in your mind. Your hypochondriac personality makes you enter into an unnecessary state of emergency.

Things are much simpler than that. Give some extra time to analyse your body, go to the doctor for a full medical, rule out major illnesses, and stay calm. Your mood will be essential for your stability to come back.