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Prediction for Sunday
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This Sunday will be a day full of overwhelming optimism that will make you see life from a new perspective. You'll wake up with quite a special mood, embrace the positive vibrations coming from the stars, and be ready to take on the world, go out and do things. And also to hug your loved ones, and tell them how much you care.

Take this bright day as a chance to unleash your love and shout out to the world that you're feeling happy. Look around you and realise how much you've actually got going on that makes you smile.

Any obstacles in your way today, no matter how big and ugly they look, will be just another challenge to overcome so that you can stay on your happy tracks. Have the very best of days today, Geminis!


Today you'll learn a very important lesson, partly thanks to that optimism that walks hand in hand with you and which makes your mind so much clearer: failure is part of life, and it's an excellent teacher, because it teaches you a lot for your future experiences.

Today you'll experience failure, or you'll become aware of a recent one, and that'll make your mind revolve around this idea. Enjoying success and everything you've managed to get wouldn't be the same if you didn't know what failure is.

Anyway, you'll learn that failure is just a negative concept that the society of success has created. But when it comes down to it, true success is to try even though you could fail. Keep trying no matter how many times you have to fall down and get up again.


Remember that you need to be especially careful about your skin's health these months, by keeping it properly hydrated and making sure there's no moles that increase in size, change colours, or that there's no eczema or skin irritation, with the annoying itchy feeling that comes along with it.

It'll be best if you use moisturising cream for a few days to make your skin healthier. Be especially careful with your hands and feet, and if you get in contact with chemicals, you should cover yourselves up well, because they can harm your skin's PH.

Otherwise there's a calm day health-wise for Geminis. It's obvious that your positive energy is reinforcing your psychological wellness, and that has consequences on your physical wellness.