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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 20

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Getting too involved with signs with an air of depth, mystery and abstraction such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces could be dangerous for you today. What you need is to give your life a casual twist, and release your adventurous side with fun, extroverted signs.

Your challenge today is about using your inner source of energy. When it comes to love, if your partner or date are born under very abstract signs, they could end up losing interest. Find in your friends that dash of crazy you need to feel alive.

That vitality could also become a shock to the system of the people around you who have a more introverted personality. Respect others' personal space.

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Turn your workplace into a nice environment where the day goes by just fine. If you manage to do it, and fill your area with happiness, laughter and bliss, obstacles won't seem so big, and energy will flow all around you to make you succeed.

It's important that, at least for today, you don't work thinking about the appreciation of others or your managers' congratulations. Turn every new task into a personal challenge where you can learn something new. Defend your talent and find something new to learn.

If you get new income, don't think about how to spend it right away. Thinking at a long term will help you feel more stable, with an organised, planned-out life which will allow you to feel calm.


Geminis, you will be a source of vitality for people around you. You just need to see your greatness and become willing to convey your good vibrations.

If you were born under the twin stars, you should know that today your soul has a worthy source of energy, which can be really beneficial for your loved ones if you share it the right way. You just need to keep it flowing.

A hug or a nice chat where you convey your bliss could be enough for others to receive that spiritual gift, Geminis. Putting others into that special cosmic gathering makes you a guide, a beacon of light, a master or mistress.

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