Gemini Prediction for 20 November

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Comparing yourselves to others or comforting yourselves from failure by looking around is not only something that comes from a loser's mentality, but it also narrows your personal horizon. And right now, you actually have many more resources to face certain emotions.

If you feel tired, lost and defeated, find the force within. If you look around you, don't look at defeated people to justify your situation, but instead look at winners to learn from success. You're not doing that bad anyway, Geminis, and the stars predict that you'll have a brilliant recovery.

Therefore, find motivation in yourselves and your potential. Bring back your optimistic side to challenge pessimism: victory or defeat aren't circumstances from the outside; they depend on your attitude.


The pressure from the managing board could sink you into a spiral of nervousness and mistakes that makes stress come out. You need to be positive, Geminis, and think that things are actually the result of the point of view you have towards life.

In this case you need to break free from pressure that'll only make you more prone to mistakes. Take criticism as constructive comments that could help you improve, and appreciate your good skills as an employee that make your managers have a good opinion of you and your work.

Show them you can do much more, what everyone expects you to do, and do it persistently and devotedly. Beyond that, the stars predict a sense of fruitful stability at work, so all you need is some peace and quiet, and to trust yourselves more.


The best solution for an uphill battle like today is your mood and not medication, Geminis. Be careful and try not to create a sense of dependency of your brain towards certain stimulating agents.

Besides, mixing medications without a prescription from your doctor is a raffle that doesn't always end up well. Limit the amount of chemicals entering your body, and always follow your doctor's orders.

It'll be an all-around calm day, except for some peaks in your blood pressure that could give you an anxiety attack, breathing problems or even make you faint. Have lots of sugar and keep a healthy diet.