Gemini Daily Prediction for 20 October

Saturday's Gemini Forecast
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The day will go by with many expectations being held up, and you need to change your mindset: don't give them up and get rid of your fear of failure.

Enlarge your friends' circle, take a step further into your relationship, or, if you're single, speed up through the flirting process.

Today your wishes could come true, Geminis. Your ruling planet's aiming at the stars and receiving their attraction pole to send you positive vibrations. The time for dreaming and wishing is now open, and you have to go fulfill your goals.


It's time to get away from work, Geminis. If you can, ask for a few days off. Otherwise, use the weekend or whatever days you have free to go on a short trip to help you clear your mind and think from a different point of view.

You need to set new goals and new expectations, change your working methods and turn your career around. But in order to do that you need space and time, you need to get your mind off things.

Now's the time to get your ambition back, Geminis. Get rid of your fears and reservations and dare to dream and wish, because you usually get your way when you set your mind into something.


After many calm days in this area, your headaches are back, Geminis. And they will be intense and sharp too, so get ready for quite painful headaches, which might even stop you from carrying your day out as usual.

Still, you should face this issue being optimistic and postiive. There's certain home remedies that could help you soothe the pain and help you carry on as you would without the headache.

Lemongrass and chamomile are two perfect teas for headaches, so they can help you a lot today. Putting an ice bag on your head is also a proven, effective solution: lie down, relax, and put the bag over your head waiting patiently for the pain to fade away.

Bring artichoke into your diet, and do some massages with essential lavender oil on your temples and forehead. Taking a warm bath afterwards will also do wonders. But you should especially stop the headache from bringing your emotions down!