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Gemini Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday's Gemini Forecast
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Change your tone when arguing with others and avoid confrontation. Today will be an especially tough day regarding Geminis' feelings, but if you manage your mood intelligently enough, you can still save the day...

What you need is strength and drive, intelligence and lots of sympathy to others. If you reaffirm your rational side and look for a sense of inner balance, it'll be just another day.

But you need to avoid feelings such as jealousy, foul moods, envy, resentment and hate, because they will only make your day even worse.


Today, Geminis who have to use their brains a lot for logical questions at work will have a rougher day. Especially engineers, operators, administrators, accountants and any other professionals who have to do math or something similar.

You will feel your mind functioning slower than usual, with muddled thoughts, and it's quite likely you'll fall prey to making mistakes. For all of you, it's quite advisable that you avoid letting your mind slip away in thought and that you have a proper breakfast: concentration and energy will be essential.

Still, although the stars don't give Geminis the gift of mental calculus, your wits and artistic expression will be quite sharp. Arts and crafts will be your best bet today, so you should exploit them as much as you can.


Staying so fit and active is giving you countless advantages; just to name a few, your lung capacity has increased, your body's grown fit and you've improved your mood. Especially that last bit. Haven't you felt like you're in a better mood and you want to socialise more?

All of that is great, Geminis. That's why it's advisable that you don't quit and that you keep practising exercise. But there's a counterpart to bear in mind: your feet's health is resenting the efforts, and that means trouble in the long run.

You just have to see where you can get and stop when you should. Passiveness is quite the undesirable extreme, but so is tough, extreme exercising. You need to find balance.

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