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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 21

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The unexpected visit of someone important in your life will make you reach the top of your positive mood this Saturday 21st. Reaching this sense of stability wasn't easy, and it particularly involves having been capable of building up a fortress within yourselves and an appropriate environment.

You should avoid going back to the past in slight bouts of nostalgia and melancholy which will unconsciously lead you into remembering hurtful people and situations from your past.

Focus your efforts on spending a nice time with the person to whom you need to talk about so much. Communication will be key in your life today, so your best moments will be spent with your loved ones in cheerful chats filled with laughter and fun.

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Share your financial situation with your closest loved ones -your partner or parents, for instance- to get a much wider and more realistic perspective on what's going on. Now that there's serious expenses coming and the fearful Hard January, it's important to make precise, accurate calculations of your ins and outs.

Any activity you do today at work, doing your house chores or spending time on your hobbies, will be a rich source of learning. Being open to your environment helps you improve many areas of life.

A well-meaning piece of advice is always good input for your ideas, which you don't need to watch from the egotistical point of view that they're always the best. Learning to communicate with the people close to you helps to send and receive knowledge.


Your health is at a great stage, and this will help you improve some non-priority issues. You need to take better care of your body if you want to use that dynamic, bold soul that makes you true Geminis.

Remember not to give up on your current therapy induced by an illness, and finishing the cycle even as the pain goes away.

The negative feelings that involve emotional and energy exhaustion, such as rage, jealousy and envy, are a threat to your mental and physical stability, and they're stopping you from becoming complete human beings.

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