Gemini Forecast for November 21

Prediction for Wednesday
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The connection between you and your partner could bring you together in a very special way, which gives you the chance of bringing back some interesting shared emotions, but it could also make you feel strange and out of place.

It's unavoidable to admit that you're in a state of cosmic revolution, and it makes you feel sort of unstable inside. This could have the outer realisation of discomfort and anxiety. You're lost, and you're trying to escape.

However, this is the time to be mature and face the rebuilding of a new and renewed relationship with your partner. The secret to it is to match and complement your needs. Honesty and openness will become generosity.


The bad omen of your business adventures in your current situation will encourage you to take a break from the world of investments and business. Still, if you choose to go on, you should be very careful and get proper advice.

Also, it is crucial that you prepare yourselves mentally before you eventually fall. With lots of energy and your ability to overcome adversity you could turn your apparent failure into success, but in case you can't overcome certain circumstances, you must be strong.

The financial situation these days isn't too comfortable, Geminis, but it isn't a complete disaster either. It's up to you to embrace circumstances and adapt your lifestyle into your new situation. Promoting active money-saving could help you go through.


Your recovery needs you to respect your body's pace, and it demands you to take care and pay attention to yourselves, thus sacrificing other areas in your life. What you need the most right now is time, but if you stay organised and patient, you'll get good results.

The influence of stars has a direct effect over your legs' heaviness, and the risk of your problems with varicous veins getting worse. Devoting some time to have a contrast bath on your legs with relaxing salts will help you balance out and improve your blood flow.

You can start or end the day by taking a walk for more or less half an hour. If you go on your walk at night your mind will connect to the universe and take you to a very pleasant wellness state.