Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You need to come down from the clouds, Geminis, in order to have a realistic perspective on your day and avoid fantasy and dreaming from giving you a slap on the face through frustration or upsetness.

That's why you need to find common ground with natives from earth-based signs, who will definitely help you to find that stability is the key to moderation and to reach your goals in a slower, but safer way.

Otherwise, you're running the risk of losing yourselves in abstraction that leads to broken dreams.

In love, this is possibly even more important, because any bond with water or air-based signs could make you sail through a treacherous sea of surrealism. Fire might be fun, but in the end you could burn yourselves and suffer more than you need.


It's time to be stable and avoid crazy, out-of-control adventures. You'll find your key to that if you stay calm and collected, if you reflect, and if you boost reason through relaxation. Only by using your mind logically and basing yourselves in the intelligence of actions will you manage to get perfect results.

Geminis, today your intellect will be a lever to activate an efficient problem-solving process. Besides, any job you do related to the mind will be successful.

Today isn't a very good day for teamwork, and only loneliness will give you enough inspiration and creativity to complete the tasks you have to do.


Geminis, today you need to have time alone and find your space. Loneliness can actually be more effective than you think when dealing with crippling issues. Being alone every now and then helps you put things into perspective and take a break from life.

That will also do wonders for you if you want to strengthen your closest family ties, because you might have neglected your family lately.

The time you devote to your partner and kids needs to be sacred, not just quantity-wise, but also quality-wise. Finding fun, team-based activities to do could make this a day to remember.