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Gemini Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Love will be your companion for the whole day, Geminis, and that encourages you to exploit it to bring some fresh air into your relationship. Take your partner out dancing, go have fun, change your routines and bring some energy and vitality to your relationship. That'll definitely be an effective revitalising agent.

If you're single Geminis, you should stop being so passive and apathetic, and wear your best outfit for the night. Going out for fun with your friends may have a positive surprise: you'll meet someone special.


Today you need to be more convincing, to develop your thoughts more expressively, to expose your ideas more passionately. During today, regarding business, work, and your finances, you'll need to use your best speech to be persuasive.

Today you'll have to be as bright as you can, because there's chances of having an idea debate and a statement back-and-forth where you need to look strong and confident. You've been sort of weak at this for a few days, so start improving yourselves on that area.

On the other hand, today you should do as little as possible and avoid risks at all costs, because luck isn't on your side and you may be disappointed more than once. Today, keep a low profile and be passive; if used intelligently, this technique can be more productive than you think.


Geminis who are recovering from some sort of ailment or discomfort will feel their pace going increasingly slower. Something's going wrong, and the reason behind it might be related to medication.

That's why, if that's your case, you might need to change therapies. But that's a decision that ultimately lies in the doctor's assessment. So our recommendation is, if that's what you're going through, to visit the doctor and let him advise you.

Under a general scope, your calves won't be having any trouble. You'll just have to try reducing fat in your diet and add some more greens into it. By the way, a full medical wouldn't be too bad an idea, especially for middle-aged Geminis.


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