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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 22

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Geminis, the influence of water elements over your rational and reflection-prone personality will lead you into extreme emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability. Every loud word and every action out of place will be seen as a serious, almost deadly wound.

If you have native Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces by your side today, set some distance to avoid their negative influences from engulfing you into a sea of tears and depression. There's passionate challenges and much to do ahead of you today.

However, you sometimes won't be able to escape their grip, so try to take something positive from them.

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Doing things and working individually is seriously limiting your potential to awaken your hidden capabilities. Instead, there's many signs every day around you that tell you that you could have a serious evolution if you connected to people and situations in your close environment.

Use the richness around you and break ties with that limited scope you impose into your behaviour. Shining and standing out among the crowd doesn't only mean that you're the best at what you do; it also implies proving that you can create dynamic, positive vibrations around your environment.

Don't rule out anything that comes into your hands, because you have enough potential to turn it into something promising. Be confident when taking on every new responsibility.


The upward trend in your career forces you to have a set routine in order to avoid overloads, stress and sudden turns of events. Changing your life from a calmer, softer sail to an active, driven sense of leadership in your environment not only requires willpower, but also -and especially so- physical wellness.

At a first stage, the source of that energy could be your own spirit, your mindset. It's time to give up on certain stressful, unhealthy routines to make way for a calm, relaxed lifestyle, with some room for meditation and alternative therapies.

At a second stage, your body needs nutrition from vitamins and minerals that guarantee you'll be powerful and strong. Royal jelly, honey, aloe vera, cocoa, coconut oil and nuts are elements that nature gives you to get it done.

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