Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Find sanity in the advice of a friend, and warmth in the arms of your beloved. Physical contact and emotional transfers will protect you during a day that will bring your passion to the limit.

Put things in context and see them in perspective: avoid your nerves from coming out and pause your feelings. This is not the day to bring out or activate your senses, you should be doing quite the opposite.

Avoid boosting distance in your romantic relationships and make an effort to stop your everyday life from affecting your love circle.


Pressure will be too much to bear and you'll feel weak and vulnerable. The worst of all is that the pressure comes from work itself: competitivity takes you to an extreme situation where your work environment becomes a pressure cooker.

Many people will disappoint you, Geminis, and you'll have to watch out for the social-climbing temptations of those who are willing to do anything it takes to walk up the career ladder. Even if betrayal isn't part of your moral code, don't rule it out just yet in others: today it could be troublesome for you.

Keep and protect your achievements, and avoid other people from stealing your successes and ideas. Work and stay persistent, that'll be your best accreditation; and avoid naïveté and kindness to make you weak and vulnerable to certain evil intentions.


The star prediction points out that you'll have thyroid issues, Geminis. You need to start worrying if you feel like you're exhausted even if you sleep well, if you see sudden changes in your mood and weight, muscle pain, sweating and body temperature changes.

In this case, it's always best to get in the hands of a medical expert. You need to face your problems calmly but decisively: thyroid problems get better through therapy, but they definitely need a treatment. And in your case, you need to get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Just for now, you can soothe down the effects with herbs that will make your body stronger, such as lemon balm, liquorice, echinacea, black walnut or fucus.

If you feel really tired, aside from resting as much as you can, choose natural remedies.