Gemini Forecast for October 22

Prediction for Monday
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Your friends' circle could be a bit of a mess today, Geminis, so you shouldn't spend too much time around it. Try to find fun and laughter, and a relaxed environment, and avoid deep conversations, because clashing criteria could soon turn into heated arguments.

Perhaps it's time to make friends become something else, perhaps you could focus on someone you like with whom you're scared of going too far. There'll be opposing points of view, maybe disappointment, but the exciting purpose of finding love will make you solve your differences.

In other news, try some fun activities like going to the movies to forget about life's issues for a while.


Rushing too much, whether it is at your usual tasks at work, business deals, or family finances, is a serious issue you need to keep under control. Be pragmatic and avoid surreal whims and fantasy from clouding your rational sight.

Don't leave anything to chance, because luck won't be your best ally today. On the opposite side, because of the stars' influence, your wits and temperance will be boosted, and those are great allies to avoid rushing through inaccurate choices. Don't get too risky if you don't need to.

If you're signing a contract these days, read through the fine print as well, Geminis, and if you're renegotiating clauses, use the strategy of letting time go by; in a few weeks, things could get much more interesting.


Dear Geminis, you can let this situation slide for as long as you want, but running away from trouble won't help you sort it out. If you feel faint, frequently dizzy or even feel like you're about to fall, probably your lack of iron has become a serious issue.

This is a much more dangerous problem than you think it is, Geminis, because it's usually the cause for many other complications. Your smartest choice is to get a check-up to see where your iron and vitamins are standing, and to follow the doctor's orders.

Anemia doesn't just affect our tiredness; it brings more illnesses along with it. Don't let this issue make your life complicated and miserable. Now more than ever, Geminis, prevention is much better than having to find a cure.