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Gemini Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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It's obvious that you're on a regression stage regarding your socialising, and the health of your partner and your bonds to them are going stronger, as your friends and family are starting to make you grow more and more distant.

You've also lost your social butterfly essence to the eyes of others. Somehow you have to get back that social side of yourselves, and you need to try a little harder for it, because your mood is kind of low.

You can use your partner as a shelter, but you can't hide away for the rest of your life. Don't force it too much, but don't stay home all day either. It'd be best if you could find balance between a life at home and sharing good times with friends.


If you need to work today, you'll do it in an awkward environment where someone in the office will try to poison your mind with bad thoughts. Don't let your mind be poisoned, Geminis; be smart and trust your thoughts only. Keep working with the utmost effort and forget about the rest.

On the other hand, the effects of financial recovery for Geminis who were unemployed or barely living will start being more visible today. Small signs which can, however, mean a lot.

There's still some patience to be had, but the most important thing is to get your mood up in these sorts of situations, and to take all chances coming your way. From here on, you can start creating positive dynamics that give you a stronger drive.


Today you have to be careful about your actions. On the one hand you need to stay active, because being passive might bring some anxiety into you. But on the other, be very aware that too much energy can give you dangerous stress.

In order to take care of your health, you need to stay calm and soothe your nerves first. That way you'll get a proper perspective of your situation and you'll be able to act accordingly.

Keep a low profile and avoid sticking your head out of the group, because that might give you extra frustration and make your mood even worse.


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