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Your sharpness and business perspective could give you the wrong ideas about your luck in love: extreme self-confidence could lead you to making mistakes.

Be yourselves and try not to have a business perspective on love; don't try to calculate everything coldly, because today there won't be an exact result to emotional additions and subtractions.

There is a volatility and arbitrariness flux around your ruling planet, and that threatens to make your luck depend on fate. So save your genius and dominant attitude for another day, and seduce with your very own style.


Saturn's influence over your ruling planet makes possible the impossible and gets your pragmatics to the limit. You'll come out successful especially if you play the game of chance and experiment around. The agility of your mind will receive a boost in its activity that will make you unstoppable.

If you had an intellectual project at the ready, or you're good at tasks with numbers and calculations, your abilities and chances of success will skyrocket. When it comes to sales and jobs where you need initiative and communication, you'll also stand out above the crowd.

Finally, your mental agility will not only give you competitive advantage, but it will also make you able to carry out more than one duty at a time and make profits go out the roof, added to the energy from the stars. Today could be a productive day for you, Geminis, and the first of many if you can keep up the pace.



Getting obsessed about antibiotics is not only useless for illnesses such as flus or colds, but also counterproductive: they weaken your body and lower down the capacity of your immune system even further. For colds and flus, there's no other choice but to use medications to make the symptoms less painful to put up with.

Besides, citrus fruits could be excellent companions for you on these days when you need a good dose of vitamins. And pay attention to this: give priority to zinc.

Lean pork meat, brown rice, pumpkin seeds and egg, for instance, are foods that could give you this mineral that will fight back the cold's effects and will improve your immune system.

An optimistic mindset will be another great helper to overcome that bump in your health road.