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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 24

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Today will be the peak of your evolution towards a sense of full harmony between your inner world and the rest of your environment. You should keep your mind open and your soul extended towards personal relationships, which could give birth to the purest forms of love.

In other news, you should embrace melancholy and nostalgia as natural feelings from which you can also learn something.

At some points of your day you might feel more sensitive than usual, but that shouldn't make you hysterical or panicked, not even angry! It should induce a more tender, endearing personality.

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During the day, your business operations and some gambling will turn out to be real failures, with money loss as the natural consequence; however, this shouldn't change your mood: risk involves chances of losing, and this should instead be a lesson to learn.

The state of your finances is currently reasonably good and stable, so you can afford to get some treats. Spending money to surprise your loved ones and creating a nice connection around you will never go to waste.

Someone could propose you to create a limited society or some new business. As tempting as it sounds, take some time to think about it.


The concerns in these days of intense work and constant bustle could be terrible to your health, and there'll be slight panic attacks today. If you're preparing for the holiday celebrations, you need to relax your level of demands and see things in perspective.

More specifically, the stars point out that your main risk today will be a sharp pain in your head. Strong headaches, which you can fight back with a painkiller, could give you some information on where it comes from. You need to pay attention to the painful spot: if it falls on the sides of your head, it comes from tension.

On the other hand, as night falls, enjoy a lovely time with family and friends, but remember that excess with alcohol and food could end up ruining your night. Be responsible and find a middle ground.

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