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Your star is shining brighter than ever and your seductive skills will be over the roof. Not just in your romantic relationships, but also with friends, at work and around everyone else; today you'll be admired and a role model. Prove you deserve all that flattery with a trusting, humble attitude.

False modesty is just as dangerous, or perhaps even more so, as shameless pride. The right choice is the opposite: honest humility. Reach other people through their hearts and you'll get kindness in return.

In other news, today you'll have to make your own personality shine against the foul intentions of others. Don't be innocent or give in just to avoid arguments from happening.


The ability to make ambitious projects a reality and the power of your mind and intuition will come together this Saturday to fill you with bliss and abundance, personal satisfaction and professional fulfilment. You'll be able to take this incoming chance if you're enthusiastic enough.

You'll get the break you deserve and the peace and quiet you need from passiveness. But you also need to be aware that improvement won't come along by itself, and that any big accomplishment in finances will only show up after you've worked hard.

You can find a sense of balance by making some room to have fun with your beloved ones, and at the same time, devote part of your day to actively look for chances and work hard to get to where you want.


Lately your muscles, bones and joints have been making your health decrease, and pain is quite a discomfort that makes your everyday life harder. The solution is to keep a positive, optimistic attitude, and to soothe the pain with some very useful tips.

Besides, the stars are sending you very positive energies to restore your inner selves, and that works for your bones and cartilage as well. A highly useful home remedy to pair up with that energy from the stars is plain jelly.

Mix a spoonful of gelatine powder with four cups of warm water and let it cool in the fridge. If you have this jelly in the mornings, you'll see the improvements start coming. Chondroitine is also a very efficient solution for arthritis and joint pain. Ask your doctor about it.