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Gemini Magic Horoscope for September 24

Daily Prediction for Monday
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You're at a pretty comfortable stage of life, which makes you think that your soul is an impenetrable fortress, and that days will fly by without anything hurting you. But today, you'll break down and you need to be humble for a moment: you can fail too.

If bitterness and despair have defeated you, you'll have to turn things around. So you need to be composed enough to start an emotional reconstruction that solves your ongoing issues. Only then will you dodge despair.

Today, Geminis may feel like their relationship is a choker that doesn't let them build up their capacity of reflection. So it wouldn't be too bad an idea to communicate with your partner and tell them how you feel. Getting some time alone to think is not bad at all.


It's time you took a leader's pace at work. It's time to take on responsibilities and to do it confidently and persistently. Develop your leadership skills and be tough but flexible from the very first moment.

Your organisational skills should come out under the spotlight these days to make sure you look good to your managers' eyes. If you show you can lead the group and make them work efficiently, this is only the start of a promising upward trend.

Family finances are different: the stars predict there's a sudden twist coming towards recession. Your income may start getting lower if you don't change the situation.


Geminis should be especially careful at work today, because whatever task you do might be your wake-up call in the form of a wound, fracture or sprain. Safety at work is essential, you should remember it.

On the other hand, you're resting too little and too badly these days, and adding that to some mishaps with food and some risky factors like too much smoking, you might get light-headed. You need to pay very close attention to caring for your body.

If you're taking medication and you feel very sleepy, talk to your doctor for a different dosage or medication.

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