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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 25

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Along with the perfect day to have it all (love, friends and happiness), the current star arrangement predicts that you're running the risk of being confused and slightl prone to making your life miserable. There could also be a victim attitude, and the risk of constantly moping around.

This is a very clear sign that there's some insecurities and fears you've brought along from an unhappy time in your life. However, you should be aware of your personal evolution. You're powerful individuals with plenty of potential; you just need to bring back your overtaking courage.

Remember that your loved ones are still there, faithfully and unconditionally, and they're the best present you can get this December 25th. Relax and enjoy the gift of their company.

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The day comes with some unexpected expenses that give you extra pressure. However, the stars foresee there's a slight improvement in your finances over the next few days, especially on the first days of January. That's why it makes no sense that you mope about something which can be sorted out.

How about forgetting about drawbacks, work and issues for a few hours?

Forgetting about problems helps you relax, depressurise your body and brain, and fill your lungs with fresh air to come back into action in no time with plenty more of energy. Today you'll be happy if you manage to forget about money.


Some discomfort on your throat might make you think that you'll have a harsh day as you wake up. However, some gargles with lemon and honey water will clear your throat and you'll find that this is no serious infection, just a minor noseclog.

During these days of constant stress and being subject to pressure, it's important that you eat and rest well and enough, because your immune system is slightly weak. If you manage to boost your body's defenses the right way, you'll avoid discomfort.

Avoid medications and try to sort issues out through natural therapies, diet and rest, so that your body doesn't grow even weaker.

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