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Facing all new meet-ups with passion is a mistake, Geminis, because you end up wasting perfect chances to fill your soul with other positive traits, and besides, you end up quickly losing interest in certain friends.

Meeting someone new is a chance to get new energies. It's also a good occasion to learn something new. Entering a pattern of patient attention to absorb knowledge, and calm expressions to make yourselves be known are smarter strategies than just thinking of victory.

If you connect with someone, give priority to friendship and set physical needs aside. The current arrangement of stars sends you pure, crystal-clear energy to build up friendships, but you've got your love channel blocked off, and you'll feel nothing but frustration.


Geminis, a positive flow of energy for work comes into your life, and it directly affects your creativity and the willingness to be active. Face new perspectives with victorious energy and ready to take on your dreams.

But watch out: you can fall as quickly as you rise, and in this genius strike that boosts your ability to dream, create and achieve, there's a sense of volatility that forces you to be accurate and persistent. You're running the risk of giving up at the slightest chance.

Focus your entire potential into an achievable task which doesn't take much effort in order to ensure believable, comforting success.


An inactive lifestyle forces you to move around more in your days off, and to bring action and dynamic activities into your leisure routine. In order to do that you don't need to run marathons or climb mountains, Geminis.

It'll be enough to workout at home, although you're better off going out for a run. Finding a natural space where you can enjoy beautiful views while filling yourselves up with fresh air and clearing your mind will give you a positivity boost.

You might feel a slight discomfort in your joints, especially in your lower body and legs. Your hips could also be weak today, Geminis. If you're working out, be careful about it.