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Gemini Daily Prediction for 25 September

Tuesday's Gemini Forecast
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Don't tie yourselves down to anyone or submit to a steely discipline: it might be counterproductive. Today, Geminis, you need to feel free, and only if you do, you'll be able to develop your virtues and social skills with others.

It's obvious that you need more personal space in your relationship. Staying down under that pressuring control makes you less happy, and that ends up turning into your passiveness regarding the relationship.

In order to feel active, participating, happy and blissful with your partner, you need to revise how you socialise with each other, and give things a twist to help both of you feel more comfortable and free.


Business and commerce will be the ideal fields of expertise for you today, Geminis. Any job that has to do with communication and sales will make you stand out above the crowd. You have something in your favour: it looks like your self-confidence has skyrocketed.

On the other hand, today's not your day for manual labour. You'll feel clumsy, moving slow and with accuracy mistakes. If you do manual labour, take all cautionary measures possible and remember how important it is to minimise risks at work as much as you can.

You don't have a lot of creativity either, so don't get too frilly. Be frivolous some other day and put efficiency at the top of your priority list. Using your brain's rational side and letting the rules of logic be your guide will give you better results than letting your imagination soar.


Those Geminis who want to do exercise today should be as careful and protected as possible, because there might be an injury leading up to a hospital stay.

The core idea here is that doing sport is positive, and as such you need to use your current energy to get your body in shape. Do some exercise outdoors and you'll see how comforting moving around and connecting with nature are for you.

But too much energy won't do you any good, Geminis. You should warm up and stretch before starting any activity, and be careful with every move. The stars point out that you might get a sprained or broken calf, so you should be very careful.

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