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Finding love is as hard as making it steady and solid, but in this case the consolidation of love is oftentimes done without the initial drive that can take over everything else. What if the tornado of love which offers powerful energy is lying elsewhere that's less evident?

Finding and dwelling on the intellect and soul of your beloved could become a stimulating search for complements to pair up with passionate romance.

When you're running out of time, drive and passion to consolidate love, perhaps the search for new perspectives will make you find a new side to your partner: it'll be like getting to know that person once again, or even more exciting, getting to know someone new.


Your Monday begins with new tasks that demand you to quickly adapt and be highly energetic to avoid falling prey to dismay and laziness. If you're responsible and mature, and apply your intellectual skills, you'll be able to face new challenges until you become flawlessly successful.

But before that, you need to find little breaks to think things over and reorganise your strength. Ultimate victory does not depend on how quick or how much you do, but on your skills to reach the finish line while saving up your energy and staying witty.

In order to do that, you have to bring new strategies in common with some of your workmatess to improve efficiency. Your ability to reflect will encourage you to take a break and improve your potential. That's the route where growth should occur.


With such a high-speed lifestyle, especially on days like this Monday, you feel like you never take enough care and that your duties end up taking over your life. In order to keep your body going strong, aside from a balanced diet, you need vitamin supplements.

Ginger is an aromatic root whose many nutritional properties make it one of the richest foods and also highly understated. It's time to benefit from it.

Ginger helps you take care of stress-induced digestive issues, and it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent for back or leg pain, for instance, and as a powerful aid against throat infections. Now that your body's running thin, ginger is your best ally.