Gemini Prediction for 26 October

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Make more room for mystery, suspense, unpredictability, doubt and improvisation. Stepping out of your overscheduled, tight lifestyle you've imposed on yourselves will help you to experience excitement and find unexpected surprises.

The stars are in your favour today and encourage you to step out of line in order to find what lies beyond appearance.

Living life by following a routine and predictable schedule helps you live safely, but it stops you from getting to know a world of passion and wonderful things that could make you really happy.


In order to get by today, you need self-confidence and assurance. The great news announced by the stars a few days back are about to come true, and today could be the day: a step of progress at work, maybe a raise or the achievement of more responsibilities.

But if you get the news on a low mood, you won't face your new responsibilities with the disposal and service that they require. In order to succeed and come out victorious, you need a winner's mentality and to convince yourselves that you're more than capable of doing it.

If you take the lead role with determination and keep working persistently and efficiently, this can be just the beginning of your progress path at work.


Again, the stars predict that your inner strength will tumble and fall because of a drop in your immune system. If these drop episodes keep happening over and over, a specialist should assess what therapy should you follow.

In this case, the main priority is to stop this from turning into a cold or flu. Your body's unprotected, but through nutrition and natural remedies, you can make your body stronger.

Did you know that nuts are a powerful remedy for your immune system? Their vitamin E and selenium are great antioxidants. Onion, garlic and lemon are also very effective, and it's best if you eat them raw (not boiled, nor cooked).

Make sure your blood gets the iron it needs, and drink plenty of water, because by expelling toxins from our body is how we help our immune system.