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Gemini Prediction for 26 September

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Single Geminis will feel there's less and less of a point in getting excited about a love story. This regression stage will help you find yourselves again. Right now, what's best for you is to be independent and do all the things you didn't have time to do.

If you perform an honesty test with yourselves, you'll realise you're in a very peculiar situation, and your happiness doesn't depend so much in finding someone as feeling good and taking up projects. Everything else is just wasting energy away.

For Geminis in a long-term relationship, you need to control your cycles. You can't be over the top every day, or spend so much time being passive. Learn to pair up your mood with your partner and learn that it's okay to have ups and downs.


If you have a business, you should learn that when it comes to money there's no feelings to be had, and sometimes you need to use the same weapons as your opponents to fight back. Today you'll come to understand that competition is very agressive, and it forces you to make drastic choices.

As long as you follow morals in your actions, you need to act thinking about you and your interests; be ruthless. Today you need to get back to your aggressive business mood. Success is waiting for you.

If you're unemployed you'll have to accept some poor quality, badly paid jobs, and sometimes doing tasks that will seem morally lacking to you. It's up to you to choose how far you're willing to go, but you have to be willing to do everything.


Laringitis threatens to keep you stuck in bed for a few days, but it'll be better if you reject chemical-based medications and bet on alternative therapies. Tea can soothe the discomfort and boost up your body's strength without being too aggressive.

Watch out for fatty, spicy and sour foods. Your stomach isn't working too well these days and it might feel the pain if you attack it. Make your diet lighter. Have lots of fruit, it'll keep you hydrated and cleanse your insides.



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