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The stars will bring you the recovery of the true essence of love and romance in your relationship this Tuesday. You'll feel more in love than ever before with your significant other. You'll find that they help you make sense out of your life.

The best way to use that renewed boost in love is to make demonstrations, to make those feelings real, to bring them into practice through shared activities and overwhelming surprises.

Today's the day to surprise your partner, to make a romantic plan, to express what you're feeling inside. On days like today, you can make your relationship stronger and create a protective field that stops external influences from tainting your love. Create a circle just for two with the magic power of love.


This Tuesday, turn your creative genius upside down, shake and stir your inner creativity to boost new projects that could make you victorious. The most important thing is not to think of the results, but about how excited you are to carry out your projects.

Making an idea come true is wonderful, and in your case, Geminis, setting into motion ideas born from your genius and high intelligence, added to the boost that you feel from the excitement of a new adventure, can have the result of an overwhelming project.

It's time to take the lead, to start moving, to go out and eat the world up. Place your bet on action, and defeat laziness and fear. There's nothing impossible for you, dear Geminis.


It's time to give physical strength an outlet through sport. Today you'll feel that the muscle recovery you'd been expecting for days is finally coming true. Little by little, the tiredness that stopped you from unleashing your true selves into your everyday life will fade away.

Doing some exercise before starting work will be a magic remedy to awaken your inner strength, and to become the unstoppable Geminis that can do anything and everything.

At the end of the day, fun activities connected to moving around and doing exercise, especially those done in group, will help you burn off the bad vibrations piled up from stress and you'll release some adrenaline: your bliss will be boosted and you'll feel more alive than ever before.