Gemini Daily Horoscope |



The reality of pain comes as strongly as you want it to: suffering is optional. The overwhelming circumstances around you aren't, but the way you face challenges sets your mood. It's time to be the masters and mistresses of your own bliss.

The process is actually quite simple: run away from trouble and focus your energy into people who send you positive vibrations and situations that make you feel good.

Focusing on negative feelings and dwelling on trouble and obstacles is what's stopping you from making any progress. Today, you need to set the goal of having a day full of love, friendship, and a sense of personal satisfaction beyond earthly goods.


Geminis, you'll see the disappearance of the clouds that darkened your finances and the obstacles that blocked your path to success, as vibrations are flowing smoothly to give you a hopeful, exciting boost into improvement and progress.

You have to admit your best talents and make them work for you by setting realistic goals and giving up on fantasy and dreamy ambitions. As soon as you get these dimensions sorted out, you'll have a much easier time getting to make your dreams come true.

Your workplace will be a sea of calmness, your operations will flow surprisingly smoothly, and your expense and income balance strategies will work. In the end, that'll show on your accounts and your satisfaction levels.


Now that you've reached the level of spirituality that feeds your mind and soul, it's time to bring it into your daily life. Today, sex could be an escape route towards the heavenly elevation of your being.

Coming together with the person you love through feelings will make you feel special and reach that cosmic connection through your body's vibrations. Face sexual intercourse as a rearrangement of vibrations to boost them up.

In the field of your own psychology, you've also got plenty of room to progress, Geminis. Devote a portion of your day to reflect and meditate, be aware of where you're standing and what your emotional needs are. Focus your energy into your closest environment and don't let it fade away.