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Gemini Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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Today is a very good day for Geminis to be more aware that success in social relationships, especially when it comes to friends, depends on our own personality as well. Today you need to boost some of its areas to make things better.

One of them is understanding. For whatever reason, you've been sort of irritable these days and that affects the way others perceive you as well.

When you're with people you really care about, you need to take a step forward and change the way you socialise with them. Be more understanding, nicer, more sympathetic, and you'll see the same understanding come back your way in the form of honest friendship.


If you have a business you need to change some fixed ideas that take you to make drastic choices, and lead you into bad results in the end. However, these days what's most important is to trust what you do and make your own choices.

If you're about to make a big investment, try having a back-up plan. The stars promise there's good luck in investments these days, but nothing lasts forever and the future is uncertain. Be cautious, Geminis.

On the other hand, the twins will have a curious, fun day at work that will help them relax a bit. But don't forget to stay focused, because you're on a very important consolidation stage.


It's important that you try your best to control your impulse: the temporary bliss of your bad habits might lead you to more serious trouble in the future. So calm down and be responsible.

Arguments and misunderstandings might lead you to such a level of stress that your good times might get worse. Set your wellness as your first priority, and cast aside your pride and your readiness to always be right.

Going beyond that, today your body will feel more agile than usual, and you can use this to make your physical activity more intense and strengthen your muscles.

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