Gemini Horoscope for 28 October

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You know better than anyone that life is no bed of roses, Geminis. You've become used to seeing all sorts of situations. And today, yet again, an unpleasant event crosses paths with you.

There's situations and circumstances we can't choose. But we can control them. The influence from the stars submits your marital cycle to stages of involution that will inevitably burst into an argument to remember.

Screaming and tension are always unpleasant and they disturb our harmony. In these situations it's always best to stay calm and try to use more dialogue and less pompous statements.

Today this situation will cause you to enter a crisis stage bordering on breakup, or to mark the fruitful beginning of a path to sort out your underlying issues.


Feeling inferior and having a bad mood could make you experience an untimely personality crisis that will stop you from making important financial decisions.

Let alone to perform risky operations that could give you more than one wake-up call. Change your plans and keep those operations aside for later. If you're cautious today, you won't miss out on any opportunities; you'll have saved time.

Looking at it from a parallel point view, it's quite urgent that you recover from that minor emotional bump on the road. Projecting your mind into the future remembering where you come from and the skills you have will help you appreciate the opportunities coming your way thanks to your talent.


Letting yourselves go today is the equivalent to a lack of control and ongoing excess. Your personality is clinging to feelings, emotions and drive today. You're acting under the influence of a mood drop and your nerves are running high. Your rational side is the prisoner of your emotional one.

That's why, as much as you think that things are under control, you don't own yourselves, and that lack of control can betray you. Avoid excess, especially as far as alcohol and other addictions are concerned, and keep a cool mind.

Relaxed environments and mental activities will help you to keep inner harmony alive, and to bring back your rational selves to stop certain impulses from happening.