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Overcoming certain relationship crises takes time and reflection, but sometimes you mistake these two for passiveness and forgetfulness. In the end, everything ends up being counterproductive.

Today you'll feel that no one understands your pain, Geminis: you're going through a personal crisis and this could affect your self-esteem, which in turn evolves into your need to blame yourselves. However, playing the victim will only boost the mountain of negative feelings taking over you.

Why don't you face your personal issues and relationship problems in a less emotional and more rational manner? Find easy solutions for hard problems and you'll see that everything is simpler than you think.

Get out of that negative circle that's expanding across all areas of your life.


The bad luck you're dragging around through the hard and nerve-wracking process of job hunting has one main cause: the lack of belief in your abilities. If you don't manage to make offers pop around, focus on certain essential choices.

If your cover letter is what's going wrong, maybe you should renew your self-confidence; bring out your strengths solidly and skilfully without feeling ashamed or making your achievements look like they're less than they actually are.

Make a realistic profile but with a generous twist in your honour; show yourselves as the educated, capable individuals that you are, but especially, excited and energized. The stars will eventually give you some chances on the first days of December, and you should be ready to rumble.


Today, your body is more connected to your mind than ever before, Geminis, and in the end it's all about feeling optimistic or pessimistic, to believe or to remain sceptical, to be lively or negative. If you think you can overcome adversity, focus on the power of your mind.

If you're resorting to alternative methods, don't do it because you're desperate; most of them require full confidence and plenty of mental focus. Focusing your wishes and hopes into a healing process will make you more prone to getting them done.

Today, it's quite advisable for you Geminis to go out; you need fresh air, communication and activity. Go for a walk and try to make a direct link to natural elements; be aware of your existence and where you're standing.