Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you're running the risk of being swept away by poetry. Find harmony between the romantic side of life and the pragmatics that certain choices force you to follow. If you don't think you're capable of making certain decisions, leave it for tomorrow and sleep it off.

You need some alone time. The hustle of social life and the bustle of your compromises make you alienated. Get back to being intimate with yourselves.

Take control of your emotions. Take the lead of your relationship. Become the sole owners of your life. That'll require you to become more responsible, but you'll also feel more satisfied and you'll have better guarantees for happiness.

Who knows what you need more than you do?


A mountain of money calls for more money, and this calls for even more. You can easily enter a spiral that's hard to escape, and the consequences are unpredictable.

Try to stay calm and collected in these crucial times, Geminis. Find stability and, especially, find harmony between material riches and spiritual abundance.

Get back to the control of your finances and impose a pace of moderate growth based on productive work. Avoid large financial adventures, and remember that aside from having money, it's important to know how to spend it, and to enjoy it with the people you love.

Boost your friendships and your family core to give some sense to that money.


Today you'll have to take a closer look at your body, you haven't paid attention to it lately. Break the barriers of this negative field that's blocking off your good vibrations.

Lemon is a powerful cleansing agent, not just for the body, but also for your spirits. Having a lemon salts bath will help you to cleanse your aura and renew your energy field.

That will make you feel better physically, but it'll also open up your energy fields to get what you want. Use it positively and avoid conflict, try to do well in all areas.

Listen to your body and act accordingly: obey to the demands of physical symptoms.