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Gemini Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Faith is a powerful feeling that fills you with confidence, trust and energy. The stars and cosmic confluence set you on the path to spiritual growth, but at the same time force you to get going: change won't happen by itself.

You need to do your part of the job, and that requires you to be much more dedicated. Faith means believing, no matter in what, and do it putting your whole heart and soul into it.

Believe in this wonderful day and what it can bring you, project your mind into success and victory. These don't lie in material goods; they're more related to what you can't touch, which in turn gets you closer to happiness.


The stars reroute the desires of your horoscope towards an unavoidable co-existence with risk, jumpscares and suffering as far as your finances are concerned. You can find solace in thinking that your luck isn't up to you; you're exposed to underlying changes.

However, taking control of your finances and protecting them from certain threats is something that is indeed at closer reach, and it's much simpler than it seems. You will only need to strengthen the core of your financial activity, a protective barrier to limit the effects of any negative shifts.

Making your finances stronger and avoiding adventurous moves, basing your finances on productive economy and mistrusting financial speculation, getting advice from trustworthy individuals and avoiding surreal promises. All of these things will help you prevent future complications.


These days you're probably feeling the consequences of a cold or an infection in your respiratory tract; these processes are delicate because, as much as you think you're healed and don't feel their effects anymore, there's some consequences to be taken into account.

Today you'll have serious issues with mucus, discharge all piled up on your chest which stops you from breathing normally and keeps making you cough. However, your fever and physical discomfort are gone, and that should get you in a better mood and give you some energy.

Today you should avoid thinking about your physical status and your illness; focus on your duties and keep your mind active. Some natural remedies could help ease the effects of your cough, but you'll feel much better if you use your time productively.

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