Gemini Magic Horoscope for November 3

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Using your intellectual skills too much could make your life a stiff, boring experience. Why not make some room for improv?

Make today a fun day and bring out your most dynamic side. Make some room for risks and surprises; excitement is a powerful trigger for adrenaline and happiness.

It seems so obvious that the best weapon against sadness is joy, but it is, and you've stopped putting it into practice. Laugh around with your friends, make some exciting plans with your partner, play around with your kids the way you used to do.


Today you have to reap the rewards of your effort from the last few weeks. You can afford to take a break and let your mind free, and most of all, get your energy back for the next few weeks. Your friends and family could be good shelter.

There's winds of change blowing into your job, so you need to be mentally prepared for some twists and transformations. Making your profile evolve, improving your training, learning more and paying more attention to your everyday finances will improve your competitiveness.

It's an all-around good day for business; abundance is calling upon your door. But it's also a day of excessive spending. The stars encourage you to relax a little and get yourselves a treat or two, always keeping balance in mind.


Geminis, you need to boost prevention, because there's some agressive invasion coming for your body from bacteria and germs. Your body's more exposed than usual, and your immune system doesn't seem too ready.

Cleanliness will be a key factor today. Many germs get into your body through your hands, so remember to wash them a few times a day, especially when you come home from the street.

Protecting your body from sudden temperature changes will help you prevent the arrival of flus and colds. Keeping your body properly hydrated and drinking plenty of water helps you get rid of toxins and boosts your immune system.

Today, you might feel like your throat is getting sore; warm water with some honey and lemon will help you ease the pain. Lemon is also a powerful cleansing agent.