Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your mixed feelings, nervousness, concerns, arguments, hate and resentment might not be letting you see what really matters, the most important things in life. Today you need to make an effort to get rid of bad feelings and boost the good ones.

Only then will you manage to bring out the true value of what's really important: love, friendship, family, hope, projects...

Doing the things you like and being with the people you love.It's as simple as that.


Your levels of willingness to work are seriously low. This is affecting your productivity, and your managers can see that. You're getting increasingly boring jobs, and that just makes things worse.

Geminis, today your challenge is to find motivation within yourselves. Only by finding the motivation to be more energetic about what you do will you manage to escape that negative spiral.

In the end, because it's a steady job and you don't intend to switch for now, you should give it some attitude and do your best. Today you'll still feel kind of down, but at the same time you'll get lots of drive from your ruling planet to turn things around.


Among other benefits, sex activates blood flow, reduces stress, soothes muscle pain, helps you lose weight and avoids depression. And as if it weren't enough, it might be the most efficient form of marital therapy. These are more than enough reasons to make you get down to do some work.

Getting back to your previous sex life is starting to be an urgent need. And there's something important you should bear in mind: it's not the times you do it that matter, but how good it is, and no one else but you knows how much you can endure.

But if you manage to feel the excitement and pleasure with your partner again, that's more than enough. Your life will have a different quality, you'll feel more satisfied, your self-esteem will boost and your energy reservations will enlarge. If you manage to rekindle with sex, you'll be unstoppable. Why not start today?