Gemini Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

Your Forecast for Monday
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Today your mind will travel back to the past and make your Monday a day for melancholic experiences. Sometimes we try to protect ourselves from that sort of sensations that make us feel sad, but today it could turn out to be a productive form of therapy.

What's more, it's your chance to bring back a friend that you've neglected for a long while. Get back in touch with that person and try to remember happy experiences from your past with them.

But in other news, it'll be a big mistake if you try to relive your past by getting in touch with a former romantic partner. Run away from that, Geminis; it will bring nothing but pain.


Avoid making choices in the heat of the moment that could compromise your future, because you're not in the best condition to do so in a rational, confident way. You're actually prey to a sense of instability that could lead you to be overconfident or too trusting of your emotions.

On the other hand, today you should be especially mindful of what's around you at work. The main priority has to be focusing on your work, and not trusting others excessively. You could end up being disappointed, or something even worse.

Besides, envy is looming around your office and could lead to more than one sticky situation. Someone could be jealous of your success and try to hinder your progress.


Geminis who are expecting the results of a check-up or a hospital discharge should be patient. What's most important right now is for your mind to be positive and to keep optimism going: soon, you'll get those much awaited news that will set you free.

Meanwhile, the support from friends and family, as well as keeping your sense of humour, is the best therapy you can get. Otherwise, all you'll do is give yourselves more pressure and anxiety, and that won't help your body to recover at all.

Also, attention, Gemini ladies: the stars predict that today is the start of a fertile period that encourages you to try for that baby you're so desperate to have. If that's not your current goal, remember to stay protected.