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Gemini Daily Prediction for September 30

Sunday's Gemini Forecast
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This Sunday, Geminis, you're in for quite a rocky day in your love life. Lovers coming and going, new dates, flirting in social networks, nights of party and craziness, the consequences of unleashing your passion...

All of these situations could occur in quite an intense day. Besides, some of them could turn into arguments and disagreements, but the stars are keeping you safe and protected so that you preserve your positive energy field and aim your optimism into something productive.

Live love passionately, because it's one of the most practical ways to live life radically. But don't let that turn your life into a living hell. When love makes you suffer, that's no longer love.


Change your financial perspective already. You've got lots of potential inside you, but you're limiting yourselves. Your mood isn't a good companion when you're feeling down, like now, and you're not letting your creativity soar.

Now more than ever, you need to overcome this adversity. If you manage to overcome it and leave pessimism aside, you'll boost those genius parts of your personality.

A new project's about to take flight and it can give you great benefits. You just need to invest some time into planning, organising, thinking... And if you bring all your creativity into it, you're guaranteed to succeed. It's time to get going and leave fear behind, Geminis!


Your back's giving you serious issues and they're getting worse. Despite your symptoms, you're not giving it the importance it deserves, and you might get permanent or hard-to-solve problems in the long run.

Find answers to your back problems in an expert's opinion, because it's turning into a big health issue, and it affects your everyday life.

If you're Geminis who had been down with the flu or a cold for days, your situation is about to improve, but you should keep in mind that right now your immune system is very low.

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