Gemini Prediction for 31 October

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The solution to your addictions, whether physical or emotional, is to stay out of the way. Sometimes it's really hard for people as social as you, because even if you try to find loneliness, you feel lost. Fortunately, your ruling planet will receive influence from the Moon, and that'll help you to get into an introspective mode.

The rest will come along. You just have to remember that the answers are within, but the bustle of everyday life and the clouding presence of compromises stop you from seeing the meaning of life clearly.

Finding a slower life pace and warmer relationships will help you find the essential things in life, and to give up on what hurts you.


The projection of your ambitions shouldn't send you off the track of moderation and humility. You should always remember that, even when you're walking alone, you should find support in your loved ones. Also, your point of view always deserves to find contrasting opinions.

Psychology will help you find the answers to many questions on your financial status. How things turn out in the end is the reflection of a procedure. Examine your methods and the way you do things, and you'll enter an improvement stage.

If you're Geminis waiting for their luck to change, you're close to getting there, but you need to attract good luck with kind thoughts and selfless actions. Only by creating a field of positive energy around you will you attract multiple goods and benefits.


The specific space reserved for your emotions deserves more personal attention to balance out your harmony. Your Gemini spirits take you to feel nostalgic and lose your temper, thus creating a mish-mash of feelings that could burst out into sadness, anxiety and nervousness.

Controlling your heartbeat and breathing will be something you should do all day long. As difficulties show, remember the importance of seeing everything in perspective. Boost positive thinking and remember that you have many good things to fight for.

Try to avoid contact with certain toxic individuals in your closest environment, and do activities that make you feel relaxed, safe and active. Feeling alive will help you to see any upcoming issue in perspective.