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Gemini Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday's Gemini Forecast
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Revisiting your past trauma involves can emotionally wear you down and leave you drained off of energy to face your personal challenges and the inner evolution that makes you stay in balance. Everything that caused you pain in the past blocks off the progress of a promising present.

You'll also feel that you're being surrounded by very negative individuals who limit your action range, your commitment to optimism and willpower, and in the end hinder your progress instead of helping out. The solution is to get rid of everything that stops you from moving on.

The careful selection of the people you want to have around and the psychological barrier to stop you from revisiting your trauma will help you to strengthen your self-knowledge together with the stars.


Your efforts to control losses on your financial balance will have a particularly hard backlash today, because we're at the start of the month and there's unforeseen expenses you can't avoid.

However, the stars predict that there's about to be room for opportunities to favour financial growth. Your income will neutralise those new expenses and help you progress across this start of the month with no worries in mind.

It's very important to stay calm and collected. December is a hard month and shopping can turn crazy. Be especially careful about that on the first halfway of the month, and don't feel too overwhelmed.


Health won't be going through any risks or important discomfort for you this Tuesday, Geminis, and the stars predict there's positive energy you can use to create a protective barrier against vulnerability.

However, there's people around you who are dear to you and have health issues. You can set aside some of your most pressuring duties which stop you from realising about what really matters: caring for your loved ones.

It's important for you to remember that you're not alone in life, and that just one supporting word, just one simple gesture and the slightest proof of loyalty will be enough to help someone close who needs the love and warmth of a friend to overcome times of hardship.

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