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Geminis, today you'll be sickeningly prone to making your life complicated, and choosing the path of trickery and betrayal instead of strolling into a peaceful, harmonious life.

Sometimes, our soul's needs are unfathomable. The question is, how capable are you of controlling those impulses? How far can you rule over your needs with mental strength and decisiveness?

Your goal for today is to be more appreciative of what you've got, and seeing its worth on the verge of certain temptations which can bring nothing but emotional ruin. It'd be real sad if you threw off the cliff that love and friendship story that's taken you so much work to make.


Working on a pleasant, relaxed, fun environment will help you lower tension, and tasks will be completed at a slower yet more accurate pace. Sticking to that work pace that makes you tense and overly focused could make you break your limits, with dire and counterproductive consequences.

As native Geminis, today you'll get an idea which might seem crazy at the beginning, but will be more reasonable later on. Follow your intuition and carry it out; it might just be the genius touch you needed to get the current situation unstuck.

Work in a relaxed way, and unleash your sense of humour against trouble. Laughter and good moods are efficient remedies against stress, and they unclog situations where work just isn't progressing.


Your body's reaction to certain situations makes your immune system go to its limit, and it makes everything worse. The connection between your body and mind is tighter than ever; they're connected vessels.

That will make you work extra hard today to stay optimistic and focus on relaxation. Count to ten when there's a nasty situation around, and avoid arguments.

Stress will keep you tense all day, and that's where some increasingly serious health issues come from, such as problems with your digestion or a lack of sleep. Try to find balance in things and start out by ruling over your mind and nerves.