Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your love life's starting to get a bit rocky, and it demands you to find stability and start proving how mature you are. It's come to a point where unstability in your love life and the inability to show commitment to someone you like is leading you to feel dissatisfied and frustrated.

Besides, you can't help comparing yourselves with people around you, especially your friends, and you feel kind of sad because you see them all finding their own way, while you still carry on your teenage lifestyle.

Nights of passion and fire are okay, passionate romances are tempting, but right now you're better off with a steady, long-lasting relationship.


Watch out, Geminis, because today you might feel there's big changes coming to your finances and work which could harm you. This is no financial change cycle at all; these are situations you need to learn to handle calmly and skilfully.

There's bad news for your finances. If you've got ongoing investments or some important business, your situation will get you in trouble and you'll enter a nerve-wracking process full of headaches.

At work there'll be some trouble that seriously puts your job at risk. For now, it might just be your imagination acting up rather than a reality, but paying attention to wht might happen and keeping up your discipline at work isn't too bad an idea.


Your respiratory system deserves some love. After a few harmful days for your lungs, with some illnesses that have taken your respiratory system down, you'd do well if you took better care of this area in your body.

Today you'll do perfectly if you avoid places with smoke or environmental pollution, and instead go into nature to look for some fresh air through which to fill up your lungs with some life and health.

Of course, if you're smokers, Geminis, you need to start lowering down your cigarette count, and if you can, cut all ties to this addiction that's harming you and cutting your health short so much. Taking up better and healthier life habits not only makes you live longer; it also makes your life better.