Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Calmness is an added value nowadays, where life seems stuck in a constant whirlwind. The tornado of your feelings needs to stop; you need a break to get some of your energy back and set everything straight.

Communication will be a key factor in human relationships, but you need to give priority to a calm, passion-free dialogue; don't let impulse drive your actions, because resentment, complaints and evil are lurking away, waiting for their chance to pounce onto the surface of your life.

You're irrationally feeling like hurting your loved ones with your words.

Don't let that happen: block the path of twisted emotions and channel your emotions and relationships down the path of patience, understanding and generosity.


Changes will continue to speed their way through your professional life, Geminis, which requires you to make progress in your adaptation skills and perfect your newly found ones. Learning skills and being dynamic in your new assigned tasks will be your key to succeed.

The best part of all this lies in your mindset, inside your head, Geminis. You have tremendous talent and a lot to prove, but you need to adapt yourselves to new circumstances and embrace change with an open mind and plenty of willingness.

Finding conflict within the workplace, giving the environment a heavier mood, showing passiveness or contradicting managers' orders are attitudes that you need to absolutely, utterly avoid.


The great amount of negativity in your soul brings pessimism into your mind, and that in turn affects your body by making your muscles stiff and paralising your activity. You need to take down the opposite path and follow the right order again, Geminis.

If you manage to banish foul emotions and focus on the good things, your mind will gradually evolve towards optimism, and you'll feel like doing things little by little and bringing your body back into action.

Why not try things the other way round? It could be a great recipe to heal depression: force yourselves to do something that gets your body going. That will activate your adrenaline while making your brain work faster, and you'll feel better afterwards.